Mindless is a very small cylinder computer chip, it's similar to a grain of rice. Mindless product uses radio waves to communicate with daily electronic task(For example, you can use your mindless microchip for ATM, T.V, Text, Car, Lock, or Credit Card). Our Mindless headquarters is in Corona, New York. In addition, we sell our product in best buy, target, and Amazon.  Mindless product is unique because you don’t have to worry about bringing your electronic.Mindless can bring it everywhere and use it in multiple ways. 

Our Promise to you  


With mindless you are able to do everyday tasks like, turning on you tv, paying with just a wave of your hand no more looking for keys, it's Mindless.


we are sure to let you know that Mindless is secure no one can get in you data it is secure with all your data.


Mindless is like a grain of rice. It has no wires or cords, it uses radio waves to do everyday tasks.


“Impressed of the new technology and how fast and easy it is.”

 John Buddy